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Schneller is the world’s largest supplier of interior laminates for commercial transport. With nearly 60 years in the industry, we have grown to serve virtually all of the world’s major aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and rail car manufacturers with cutting-edge design, technology and flexible manufacturing.

Our History

Today, Schneller has evolved into a global leader in flexible film laminates, formable decorative thermoplastics, and non-textile flooring products. In the 60 years that we have served the aircraft manufacturing industry, air travel has become much safer, due in large part to the innovations that Schneller and our industry colleagues have brought to the market. This is our story.


How It All Started

In 1964, John Benjamin Schneller, an electrical engineer by trade, started John Schneller & Associates in Kent, Ohio. As a small division of Becton Dickinson, a Fortune 500 manufacturer of hospital supplies, the new company initially produced vinyl-coated fiberglass cloth for the Douglas DC3 aircraft. Schneller continued to expand into the aircraft flooring market until John Schneller sold the company in 1969.


New Opportunities

In 1984 the Federal Aviation Administration mandated that aircraft lavatories must be equipped with smoke detectors and automatic fire extinguishers. Soon, commercial jets were being retrofitted with fire-resistant materials, and newly built planes contained these materials as standard features. Within a few more years, regulations also required cabin interiors to be outfitted with flame-resistant material. Much of the world subsequently followed the FAA’s lead. This created a tremendous opportunity for Schneller.


Established in the Space

Relying on our significant research & development-driven product innovation, we began to work on designing products that met the new FAA fire regulations. This helped to establish us as a participant in the new fire regulatory committees.


Grand Expansion

In the following decades, Schneller would expand our product lines to include all commercial aviation and rail travel and increase our international footprint with sales and service offices in Singapore and Paris. We completed a 55,000-square-foot expansion project at our main site in Kent, Ohio in 2014.

Our Core Values

Our values-based culture provides the guiding principles behind the actions and decisions that make our company an exceptional organization, which our employees, customers, suppliers and communities appreciate.


We act ethically in all matters to build trust by promoting honest, open and transparent communication with all stakeholders.


We promote continuous improvements tied to our key value drivers of profitable new business, productivity and value-based pricing while respecting the environment and complying with laws and regulations.


We place customers at the center of our world and are committed to exceeding their highest expectations.


We empower each other in an ownership approach to create a safe, team-oriented, diverse and supportive atmosphere where all have opportunities to grow.

Innovation and Dedication

In response to growing customer needs for interiors that are more attractive, comfortable and compliant with safety regulations, Schneller has developed a world-class portfolio of engineered decorative materials and an ever-expanding array of custom applications. We are proud to serve our clients from design and product development to manufacturing, installation assistance and technical service.

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