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Discover unparalleled durability and resistance in high-traffic areas with Schneller's innovative thermoplastic decorative laminate solutions, featuring the advanced technology of Indura GTform products. Engineered for superior performance, these rail thermoplastics are designed to withstand abuse and provide optimal protection for low-maintenance panels. They stand resilient against graffiti, stains, and a variety of solvents.


Choose Schneller for rail thermoplastics that redefine durability, resilience, and style in high-traffic railway settings.

Indura GTForm®:

Indura GT Form 20® series decorative thermoplastic sheets are specifically designed for in-mold use with RTM and L-RTM fiberglass reinforced plastic molding processes. They may also be applied with heat activated (HAGT) adhesive for post-application using the heat-vacuum application (HVA) method.

Indura GTForm®

Our rail interior products are ideal for both new and refurbished passenger rail cars. Available in unlimited colors, patterns, and textures, our rail laminates are flexible enough to fit new contoured surfaces, yet tough enough against wear and tear, stains, and most solvents.


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