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From initial concept to final implementation, our design team is committed to providing you with creative solutions at every step. Our dedicated staff is equipped with decades of custom color-matching and design experience and will work closely with you to create prototypes and samples aligned to your exact specifications. We'll design unique concepts, develop special prototypes, and deliver preliminary samples for your review. After incorporating your feedback, we'll then produce a high-quality final product personalized to your needs.


When you need design expertise for your global brand, our team has the skills and experience to deliver. We've collaborated with leading brands worldwide, providing creative direction and design refinement. No matter your needs - revamping a current project or sparking inspiration for the future - our versatile designers have the talent to guide you. With specialized skills in brand strategy, visual identity, packaging, digital design and more, we'll steer your project to success.

Seamless Branding

Our unique product portfolio provides floor-to-ceiling solutions ensuring brand and color consistency throughout your entire interior. By utilizing various printing technologies, we can assure your vision is captured down to the smallest detail.


Unlimited Customization

Schneller's cutting-edge design solutions combine highly engineered products with bespoke color palettes, creative patterns, and comprehensive textures to elevate the passenger experience.


Artwork Options

We bring your vision to life. Our team can work with existing art or create custom designs from scratch. Lead times vary by design complexity. Our artists thrive on collaborating with you to make even the most ambitious commissions a reality. If you’d like to submit your own artwork, below are some guidelines to consider.


Artwork Guidelines


Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Raster file and vector file
  • Artwork should be 1:1 scale and a minimum of 300 dpi
  • Artwork release rights should be included
  • Artworks should be in repeat and to scale. If it is a pattern, it should be set up as a repeat and to scale
  • Native Illustrator files .ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd, .tiff

Color & Lighting

X-Rite® Spectrophotometers and Light Booths are used for color evaluation.

  • Color reference should be indicated, or target provided• Pantone, RAL or NCS
  • Preferred Color reference systems
  • Pantone, RAL or NCS

Decorating Processes

Are smaller in scale and closely represent production processes

  • Roll Coating
  • Screen Printing
  • Rotary Screen Print
  • Rotary Gravure
  • Digital Print

Aesthetics Prototyping Lab

Innovation drives our Aesthetic Engineers and Prototyping team. With over 50 years of combined expertise, they pioneer new techniques to expand our aesthetic capabilities. This talented team develops a vast spectrum of colors, finishes, and textures to uniquely fit your brand identity. Their passion for experimentation and mastery of the latest technologies allows us to deliver customized aesthetics that match your vision.


From Vision to Reality

Our APL team transforms your ideas into physical form. We produce small-scale samples that capture the precise look and feel of the final product. These meticulously crafted samples allow you to visualize the end result through mock-ups, design reviews and physical layouts. In this way, we provide an accurate glimpse into how all the pieces will come together once production is finished. With our samples, you can see and touch your vision before it becomes a full-scale reality.

Adaptive Processes

Our samples turn visions into reality. We adapt processes to achieve your boldest concepts. Versatility unlocked through meticulous experimentation. Limitless possibilities across products, sizes, textures, colors, effects and finishes. Our flexible and innovative approach perfects the translation from abstract idea to tangible sample.


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