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Our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technical solutions, partnered with our FAA certification testing services, enable us to provide unparalleled support in enhancing your aircraft interiors' safety, efficiency and aesthetics. Explore our integrated platform and discover how Schneller can elevate the aviation experience.

Technical Services

From simple application inquiries to full-scale training workshops, we’ve got you covered. Schneller’s technical service personnel are located across the globe in the U.S., Europe and Asia to offer a wide range of on-site and virtual technical solutions tailored to address your specific needs. Our experienced technical services team offers:

Day-to-day Customer Support

A Schneller technical expert is always available in your global region to answer specific questions and ensure that your operations continue to run seamlessly. 

- Application issues 
- Technical inquiries


Quality Assurance Support

When needed, our technical experts can be available to inspect materials to ensure the highest standards. We excel in technical communication, guiding you for optimal results. 

- Material inspection on-site 
- Technical communication


Customer Visits

Upon request, we provide on-site support after delivery, ensuring product satisfaction and smooth integration with your existing operations. We’ll also collaborate with you on new product developments, giving you a competitive edge. 

- On-site post-delivery support 
- New product development


Application Workshop

Our experts can guide you through practical applications of all Schneller products, enhancing your knowledge and skills through hands-on collaboration.  

- Customized on-site training at your facility 
- Annual workshops at Schneller’s facility 


Technical Documentation

Our technical experts provide application guides, technical datasheets, and bulletins that offer a deeper understanding of our products and their optimal usage. 

- Application guides 
- Technical datasheets and bulletins 



FAA Certification Services

Schneller also provides FAA certification services, including Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA). Our programs are low cost and customizable to meet each customer’s individual requirements. We make it easy for our customers to get the approvals they need with:

Complete project management

An extensive panel inventory

Full FAA documentation

A large flammability database

A dedicated certification team.




We have completed PMA projects for more than 20 airline customers and have tested data for more than 1,200 panel configurations. Our locally contracted Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR-F) meets continuing education requirements to stay up to date on the most current regulations.

For airline rebranding and refurbishment projects, Schneller is authorized to issue FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tags for PMA-eligible parts to show compliance with FAA, EASA, and other international flammability, smoke, and toxicity requirements. This is necessary to avoid repercussions by local airworthiness authorities and retain the ability to return the aircraft at the end of a lease or resell the aircraft.

In addition to refurbishments, our FAA certification services are ideal for customers who need product testing and airline rebranding. Other Schneller FAA certification services include:

– FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) support
– FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR-F) support
– Conformity Inspection FAA Form 8100-1
– 14 CFR 25.853 testing on-site
– Similarity statements per FAA policy statement

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