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AerForm LHR®

AerForm LHR® is the solution for aircraft cabin interior thermoplastic surfaces with unlimited customized colors and designs, superior durability and easy processing. Specifically engineered to meet the latest flammability regulations, it can be formed into rigid accessory components using traditional thermoforming equipment and processes. Pioneer in this segment, AerForm® has always been a market leader in aesthetic innovations. With a highly durabletop protective cap, AerForm LHR® is the material of choice with the best life cycle cost for your aircraft interior components.

Key Product Attributes

Aesthetic Features

  • Unlimited custom color and design availability
  • Largest selection of textures to meet the latest design trends and the ability to develop your own proprietary texture
  • Standard or custom color base hides scratches and damaged areas
  • Stain/solvent resistant
  • Good texture retention and warp resistance characteristic

Product Specifications

  • Available in a large range of thicknesses starting from 0.045 inches (1.1mm)
  • Typical Size - pressed sheet - 48 x 96 inches (1.22 x 2.44 meters) - up to 48 x 120 inches (1.22 x 3.04 meters) Density: 1.55
  • Forming Temperatures: 300° - 330° F (150°C - 165°C)
  • Gauges: 0.045” (1.1 mm) to 0.145” (3.7 mm)
  • Compliant with FAA Heat Release and Smoke Density requirements as per 14CFR 25.853 (a) and (d)

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