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Decorative Laminate

AerGlas® I-V

AerGlas® LHR I – V are multi-ply fiberglass products ideally suited to provide additional surface protection in areas of severe abuse. AerGlas® LHR products are recommended for flat surfaces.

Key Product Attributes

Aesthetic Features

  • Abrasion and damage resistant
  • Stain and solvent resistant
  • More flexible than other fiberglass-supported products for easier cutting and edge wrapping
  • Unlimited custom color and design availability
  • Recommended for flat surfaces

Product Specifications

  • Can be wrapped around a radius of 1/8 inch (3.2mm) with the use of a heat gun
  • Easily complies with the latest 65/65/200 heat release rate and smoke density requirements
  • Qualified to Boeing DMS 2389
  • AerGlas® I - V is supplied in sheet form up to 60 inches x 130 inches (1.5 meters x 3.3 meters)
  • AerGlas® LHR is supplied in continuous rolls 60 inches (1.5 meters) wide

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