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Indura GTGlas®

The fiberglass-reinforced laminates are designed specifically for high wear, high traffic areas – with appropriate stiffness to conceal panel surface variations, and high impact resistance to protect underlying composite substrates. Indura GTGlas® incorporates surface protection for low maintenance panels, resistant to graffiti, stains and solvents.

Indura GTglas® is available in continuous roll form for high yield, low cost results. 

Also available in sheets upon request.

Key Product Attributes

Aesthetic Features

  • Applied on two dimensional panels, flat or with a single curvature.
  • Integrally pigmented fiberglass base helps to hide dents, scratches and other wear-and-tear damage.
  • Laminate bridges over and masks substrate panel imperfections.
  • Stain, solvent and graffiti-resistant resulting in low maintenance and long life.
  • Matte or glossy surface finish.
  • Available in continuous rolls for optimum yield, lower shipping and storage costs. Also available in sheets (press textures) upon request.
  • Unlimited color and design availability, including digital printing, flat, pearlescent and metallic colors.
  • Factory-applied adhesives on request: Easier to install and environmentally friendly. Custom formulated, they adhere to stainless, aluminum, phenolic, gel coat, FRP and high-pressure laminates.
  • Flexibility of material allows wrapping around radii as small as 0.125 in. (3.2mm).
  • Approved and used by major intercity and commuter Rail Authorities worldwide.

Product Specifications

  • Nominal Thickness MILs (mm): 15 (0.4)
  • Nominal Weight (Oz/Yd²): 16
  • Nominal Weight (g/m²): 510
  • Available Textures: 620, 670, 855
  • Available in continuous rolls up to 60 in. wide (152cm) for roll textures.
  • Available with factory applied pressure sensitive (PSGT) adhesive.
  • Available in custom cut-to-size sheets and strips.
  • Available in custom cut-to-size sheets from rolls (R), 60 x 120 in. (152 x 305cm) sheets for press textures.
  • Thoroughly tested to the most stringent flammability, smoke and toxicity requirements.

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