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Non-Textile Flooring


PanGuard® is a revolutionary lavatory flooring solution combining the well-known benefits of Schneller NTF with the protection of a formed floor pan into a seamless, custom, integrated solution.

Key Product Attributes

Aesthetic Features

  • Prevents moisture entrapment between the non-textile flooring and the floor pan
  • Improves aesthetics of the lavatory with seamless, high definition flooring designs
  • Eliminates odor from trapped moisture
  • Unlimited color and design options
  • Lighter weight than current NTF & Floor pan solutions
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Seamless, integrated design

Product Specifications

  • Complies with FAR/CS 25.853 (A), 12S
  • Vertical Burn Dimensionally stable per ASTM 1204-54
  • Sheet sizes: up to 54 inches x 96 inches
  • Normal weight: as low as 3000g/m2 (88 oz/yd2)
  • Can be cut to size (width and length)
  • Thermoformable on standard equipment

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