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Decorative Laminate


Schneller provides a variety of AerShade® products to assure our customers a quality shade.

Key Product Attributes

Aesthetic Features

  • AerShade® 2000T – the most rigid Shade has a well-balanced construction which improves the ability to lay-flat and drape
  • AerShade® ED - the more flexible of our Shades .It is similar to AerShade® 2000 but has plasticizer added for flexibility. Its ability to lay flat and drape are limited. This shade works best for small shades
  • AerShade® OE - The Shade has the same flexibility as AerShade® ED but has added components for improved tear strength, compliant with BMS8-141 type IV
  • AerShade 2000T but has better flexibility and drape

Product Specifications

  • AerShade® is a durable, lightweight product which passes all FAA stringent standards
  • AerShade® 2000T,-Aershade® 2000, -AerShade® ED, -and AerShade® OE all have a very similar construction with very similar rigidity
  • These four types of Shade can be produced continuously or press dependent on texture desired

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