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Decorative Laminate

AerTrim SofTouch®

AerTrim SofTouch® is a light-weight, reinforced decorative laminate with a unique soft feel. Ideal for hard surfaces where customer interface and premium cabin experience are essential. Target surfaces are flat and slightly curved two-dimensional.

Key Product Attributes

Aesthetic Features

  • Provides an exceptional tactile passenger experience
  • Ultimate design freedom in terms of colors and textures while providing the aesthetic consistency required of premium cabin accommodations
  • Superior durability (abrasion, scratch resistance) versus other soft furnishings
  • Superior resistance to fading (colorfastness to light) versus other soft furnishings
  • Superior cleanability and stain resistance versus other soft furnishings
  • Lower weight versus leather (approximately 20 -30% weight savings)

Product Specifications

  • Reliably/Consistently passes all FAA airworthiness requirements
  • Typical roll size is 60-80 yards (55-73 meters)
  • Supplied in continuous rolls 58 inches (1.47 meters) wide

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