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At Schneller, we’re driven by an unwavering commitment to finding new and creative ways to transform interior spaces. Our design collections stand as a testament to this dedication, offering a diverse range of styles and inspiration. Dive into our world of design and elevate your interior like never before.

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Expert Design Capabilities

We see design as more than just aesthetics; it's a cornerstone that influences every facet of our work, reaching into the very core of our products, services and operations. Our unwavering commitment to meticulous detail, exceeding safety benchmarks, ensuring durability, and meeting compliance standards forms the foundation of our innovative collections and designs.  

Design Collection 2023


Explore the wonders of the world around us with EcoScapism, our latest design collection, inspired by the richness and diversity of our planet through color, texture and pattern. 


Inspired by Nature

Within our design team, creativity flourishes as we draw inspiration from the beauty of nature. Immersed in an abstract world, we skillfully blend undulating colors, lines and patterns to craft designs that transcend the ordinary.  

Design Collection 2021 & 2022


The concept of Duality refers to the feelings evoked by aesthetic contrasts or complements. It can be found in the reflection, movement or perspective created by the duplication of an object, or even within the object itself.


Our Design Team

Our design team consists of artists who have a deep understanding of how to create visually compelling stories through intricate design techniques. Using various artistic methods, our designers inspire viewers, highlighting their skill in setting tones and creating immersive experiences.  

Our Ongoing Sustainability Efforts

Our commitment to a more livable and sustainable world for us all starts internally. We are 100% committed to reducing our impact on the environment and embracing more sustainable practices while delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

Today, we have implemented key steps to reduce our energy consumption by increasing efficiencies in our manufacturing and reducing and managing hazardous waste. Additionally, our lightweight and highly durable materials result in a lighter weight aircraft and less CO2 emissions.


That’s just the beginning. We’re constantly looking for new ways of lowering our impact on the environment through adapting new technologies and efficiencies. Through our sustainability efforts, we’re one step closer to protecting the wonders of our world – today and tomorrow.