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Design Collection 2021 & 2022


Duality is a diverse concept, often referring to the feelings evoked by aesthetic contrasts or complements. This concept can be found in the reflection, movement or perspective created by the duplication of an object, or even within the object itself.

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Our collection represents our interpretations of this concept, capturing the complexities and duplicities afforded by the merging of colors, textures, forms, lighting and techniques.


Our Development Process

Through the development process, our design team explored handmade patterns using various duplication methods including Xerox transfer, Shibori dying and hydrographic techniques.


Timeless Contrast

The collection is carefully curated with a color palette to unify the idea of duality. Muted earth-tone, rich aged-gold and warm neutrals signify a timeless mood in contrast with ephemeral palette of energized cobalt and bold yellow.


Colors and Patterns

The colors and patterns have been combined in complementary and contrasting motifs, while experimenting with the juxtaposition of technical organics with soft curvilinear elements.