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Design Technology


Lucent™ is a translucent decorative surface that combines stunning aesthetics with the physical action of light. This new collaborative backlit product pairs naturally with surrounding decorative surfaces.

Step into a world of design possibilities

Heighten the Passenger Experience

Lucent alters the passenger experience to achieve calming subtleness and uplifting opulence. When backlit, this product offers a compelling enhancement to the atmosphere of an entire cabin. When unlit, Lucent seamlessly integrates with the surrounding decor of any hard surface.

Lucent Applications

Lucent is available as translucent thermoplastic or translucent laminate and offers a variety of visual effects including:

  • Discreet dead front
  • Varying color opacity
  • Pearlescent accents
  • Information graphics
  • Bespoke concepts and effects

OEM Certified

Lucent is certified to OEM requirements and can be incorporated into various design options, including custom color, texture, and product thickness. In addition, the product is backed by Schneller's well-equipped and experienced CMF Design and technical team.

Endless Possibilities

In application, Lucent captivates your senses and transcends conventional beliefs of interior aircraft design. Its patterns and textures paired with the touch of light transform ordinary spaces into immersive experiences. What design will you choose? The possibilities are endless.