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Our decorative laminates deliver superior quality at continuous- roll cost-efficiency. 

Now you can have it all. Precise, custom print designs up to 60” wide, with the high-yield, low-cost of a continuous roll laminate. Cover oversize composite panels with no seams, less waste, time and labor.

Schneller can help create fully-integrated commercial aircraft interiors in which your passengers will feel safe and comfortable.



Have flexibility to cover everything from composite panels to 3-dimensional aircraft interior parts.

Schneller’s decorative laminates, specifically engineered for the aviation market, are designed for application over nearly any existing surface, from flat panels to 3-dimensional commercial aircraft interiors and parts. Decorative laminates are supplied in continuous rolls or sheets, and are available in a broad range of custom colors, prints and embossed textures with multiple adhesive options.

AerFilm sofTouch®

AerFilm sofTouch® is a decorative laminate designed to provide an exceptionally low gloss and luxuriously soft feel all while providing the performance and ease of use you expect from Schneller.

Engineered for 2-dimensional parts, AerFilm sofTouch® is ideal for premium cabins and seats, and combines a comfortable feel, durability and an enhanced passenger experience with no compromise on FAA airworthiness requirements.

AerFilm LHR®

AerFilm LHR® is the original low-heat-release, low-smoke and low-toxic-gas, thin-film decorative laminate. Engineered to cover both flat and three-dimensional panels, AerFilm LHR® is lightweight and economical, while providing superior texture retention and stain resistance.

AerFilm flex®

AerFilm flex® is our decorative laminate film, providing superior formability compared to established decorative laminates. Engineered to cover complex, compound-curve, 3-dimensional surfaces, AerFilm Flex® is lightweight, provides superior texture retention and stain resistance – giving you the freedom needed to create premium cabin designs.


AerTrim® LW

AerTrim LW is a medium-weight, integrally colored glass fiber-reinforced decorative laminate ideally suited for areas where weight is still important but increased abuse is expected. Applied to flat or single-contoured parts, AerTrim LW can easily be wrapped around a radius of 1/8 inch (3.2mm).

AerTrim sofTouch®

AerTrim sofTouch® is a light-weight, reinforced decorative laminate with a unique soft feel.   Ideal for hard surfaces where customer interface and premium cabin experience are essential.  Target surfaces are flat and slightly curved 2-dimensional.


AerScreen™ is a tough, but flexible decorative laminate developed by Schneller for innovative retractable screens in aircraft galley housings, rail car applications, and special displays. AerScreen™ can cover up a utility area or display a brand image and yet allow soft back lighting to show through.

AerTrim® BD 100

AerTrim® BD 100 is Schneller’s newest decorative laminate developed for aircraft applications to simulate the look of fabric-type materials. Typical areas of use are bulkheads, class dividers/partitions and dado panels. AerTrim® BD 100 has been successfully flight-tested and evaluated in a joint effort with several major airlines.

AerLam® LW

AerLam® LW is a highly formable product in Schneller’s product portfolio engineered to be applied using heat-vacuum application equipment.  This medium-weight decorative laminate has excellent texture retention for deep draw areas where a substrate panel is used.


Schneller provides a variety of AerShade® products to assure our customers a quality shade. Our shade enhances any interior décor. AerShade® is a durable, lightweight product which passes all FAA stringent standards.; AerShade® comes in a numerous colors, textures and thicknesses - all designed to enhance the passenger experience. AerShade® helps protect your aircraft interior from damaging heat and sunlight. Our patented process prevents cracking and discoloration.

AerGlas® I-V

AerGlas® LHR I – V are multi-ply fiberglass products ideally suited to provide additional surface protection in areas of severe abuse.  AerGlas® LHR products are recommended for flat surfaces.

AerTrim® LHR

AerTrim ®LHR is a medium-weight, integrally colored, fiberglass-reinforced laminate engineered for areas where weight is still important but increased abuse is expected. Applied to flat or single-contoured parts, AerTrim® LHR can easily be wrapped around a radius of .125 inch (3.2mm).


Schneller is the global leader in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions and worldwide on-demand customer service for hard-surface laminates, thermoplastic sheets and non-textile floor coverings for the Aviation and Rail interiors. Schneller is proud to be a qualified supplier to all major OEM airframe manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Sukhoi, Mitsubishi, and others.

We work with all major commercial airlines and all major Tier 1 suppliers, and we are a preferred supplier in the Airbus NTF Selection Guide and the exclusive supplier of the Airbus A350 Canvas Catalog. We are also proud to be the Primary supplier of the Bombardier C Series.

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